Dave Squires

Construction Project Manager

    Unit 1 - 12 Royal Avenue EAST New Westminster, BC, V3L 0B7

  • Phone :

    (604) 226-2138

Dave Squires is a seasoned construction project manager with
30 years of experience, specializing in major repair projects, particularly
building envelope defects. He's a dedicated professional catering to insurance
and warranty providers, conducting comprehensive inspections to ensure the
highest quality outcomes. Dave's proven track record encompasses seamless
collaboration with insurers to execute complex repairs, ensuring client
satisfaction. His leadership has driven the successful restoration of storm,
fire, and water-damaged properties, alongside addressing building envelope
issues. His adept team assembly consistently achieve on-time, budget-compliant
project completion. Recognized for transparent communication and strategic
foresight, Dave continues to lead in construction project management, setting
industry standards for excellence.