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Torch-On and Other SBS Products

BestWest has come to specialize in the torch-on and other SBS membranes as its flat roof system of choice. SBS membranes are asphalt based, fiberglass or fibreglass reinforced polyester membranes treated with Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene polymers to impart “rubber” type qualities. Typical applications for these membranes include commercial and industrial flat roofs, residential flat roofs, patio, and sundeck waterproofing, as well as concrete forms and parkade waterproofing. SBS roofing and waterproofing systems have been around for 25+ years and remain the predominant choice of architects and building envelope engineers.

  • Can last 25 years or more.
  • Very Durable
  • UV Heat protection.
  • Impermeable membrane resistant to moisture from rain, snow, and even long-standing water.
Common Applications:
  • Commercial and Industrial Flat Roofs.
  • Residential Flat Roofs.
  • Patio and Sundeck Waterproofing.
  • Concrete and Parkade Waterproofing.

Whether you’re looking for a waterproofing, insulation or vegetated solution, SOPREMA offers a complete range of products from A to Z to complete your roofing project with confidence. SOPREMA is also the only Canadian polyisocyanurate insulating manufacturer with an internal slope design department for commercial roofing.

SOPREMA Products

Field Surface | Plywood


1) Primer Plywood
2) Vapour Barrier Elastocol Stick
3) Adhesive Sopravap'r
4) Insulation Duotack
5) Base Sheet Membrane Colvent Base 830
6) Cap Sheet Membrane Sopralene Stick HR GR
Field Surface | Concrete


1) Primer Elastocol Stick
2) Vapour Barrier Sopravap'r
3) Adhesive Duotack
4) Composite Board Xpress ISO
5) Cap Sheet Membrane Sopraply Traffic Cap 560
Field Surface | Steel


1) Primer Sopravap'r
2) Vapour Barrier Elastocol Stick
3) Adhesive Sopra-ISO (Fastened)
4) Insulation Soprafix Base 630
5) Base Sheet Membrane Screws and Plates
6) Cap Sheet Membrane Soprafix Traffic Cap 660


General Disclaimer; This page was updated 2019-02-24. Please visit manufacturer website for most up-to-date product information.



This Burnaby commercial flat roofing project was performed in the Summer of 2018. The old torch-on roof was replaced with a brand new IKO Torch-flex torch-on roof system complete with a custom sloping package to eliminate areas with standing water and a base layer of insulation to improve the building’s overall R-value. Warranty was especially important to our client therefore IKO Industries provided their Diamond Shield upgrade which extended the material warranty to a more comprehensive 15 years. BestWest Group specializes in the replacement of commercial flat roofs, and offers a variety of solutions, all at a reasonable price.