Metal Cladding Systems

Stunning Beauty and Attractive Appearance

BestWest administers all of the required components and fundamentals to successfully execute a metal cladding project in it’s entirety to live up to your expectations in a well-timed schedule.

Metal cladding adds a visually and functionally impressive accent to any building. It can be applied to a wide range of residential and commercial structures with many choices of available profiles, gauges, and colors to match. It offers a great deal of functionality, durability, and economy for new or retrofit construction.

Key Visual Applications:
  • Flashing
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Roofs
New Design or Existing Replacement

We can assist in your approach for deciding how to implement the new metal cladding system and which ways work the most optimally compared to other methods which may or may not work as effectively as intended. 

We are experts at removing existing worn out metal cladding systems and replacing it with identical or refreshed stock profile to look as if it were brand new like the first time that you had added it.

Key Detailed Services:
  • Measure
  • Profile
  • Gauge
  • Colour
  • Install



Renewable Metal Roofing Protection

Beyond lasting a lifetime, other sustainable attributes include solar reflectivity, making your home or building more efficient, as well as being completely recyclable. The initial cost of metal cladding is higher compared to some siding options, but when extrapolating the price over its serviceable life-span, the value becomes apparent.


  • 100% Recyclable
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful
  • Long-lasting
  • Rain, Wind, & Weather resistant
  • Energy efficient, solar reflective coatings


  • Higher initial costs
  • Snow-stops required to prevent snow slides
  • Noisier during heavy rainfall, if not properly insulated

Siding Profile Choices


Reveal 1 Inch



Sheet metal is used in a variety of ways to protect and visually accentuate parts of a structure’s exterior. We use copper, aluminum-zinc, pre-painted steel, and a variety of other sheet metals to design and fabricate products for any exterior application. Popular products include chimney caps, cap flashing, fascia covers, and other custom trim assemblies.

Product | Cap Metal
Product | Chimney Metal
Product | Fascia Covering
Product | Parapet Covering