BestWest Group offers inspection services for commercial and residential roof systems.  To help maintain optimal functionality, proactively identify issues, and prevent costly repair caused by water ingress, we recommend routine inspections of your roof system.

Important reasons to inspect your roof?

  • Help identify sources of water ingress
  • Determine the condition and remaining life span
  • Assess damage caused by wind storms, renovations, or fires in proximity
  • Provide valuation and repair schedules prior to purchasing or selling the property

Our simple, clear reports evaluate the following:

  • Drainage systems and possible problems
  • Contaminants, moisture infiltration or faulty roof membrane seams
  • Conditions of predominant roofing materials
  • Sheet metal flashings
  • Attic ventilation
  • Evaluation of electrical, plumbing and HVAC stacks
  • List any windstorm or other weather-related damage
  • Lifespan and projected replacement timeline
  • Suggested repairs and maintenance.