LiveRoof Standard

The LiveRoof Standard System at a depth of 4 1/4” is ideal for most applications and offers an optimal blend of aesthetics, stormwater management, and cost.

Manufacturer:   LiveRoof
Product Type:   Green Roof Standard
Lifespan:   Limited Warranty

Soil: Appx. 4-1/4" deep.

Module Size: 1′ x 2′ x 3-1/4"

Saturated Weight: Appx. 27-29 lbs/sf saturated and vegetated.

Dry Weight: Appx. 20 lbs/sf (confirm with your local licensed grower)

Merits: Maximizes stormwater management, integrates perfectly with new construction and often times existing buildings

Plants: Succulent ground covers, water conserving accent plants, and hardy spring blooming bulbs