Welcome to the Property Management section of our website!

You’ve got a lot of responsibilities. You must protect your company’s assets, protect it from liabilities, have excellent communication with your tenants, adhere to a strict budget, uphold a good reputation and the list goes on. Only one small part of what you do involves the repairs, maintenance and replacement of the roofs on your buildings, but you know its one of the most important.  Getting maximum roof life at the least cost is extremely important for your business. At BestWest Group, we have your back because we can cover you every step of the way.

Personalized Service

We offer customized, reliable and dedicated customer service so that you can communicate to your residents continually. We understand the scheduling demands that a property manager must adhere to when keeping residents up to date on property maintenance and repairs. We are also very conscious about your budgeting needs; therefore we understand the need for accurate and detailed inspections and evaluations from the start.

Clear Integrity

We uphold a reputation for the highest standards in our workmanship, our products, and our professional, experienced staff. From the very start, we make it a priority to sit down with you to discuss your goals and expectations so that we can develop a formidable plan. Whether you are looking for a full maintenance plan, emergency repair specialist, a roof replacement or all the above, we will give you fair and honest feedback, evaluations and estimates while keeping your budget concerns in mind.

Great Value

Time is valuable and so are your properties. Having a roofing company who can take care of all your needs, all the time will free up your schedules so that you can attend to other details of your business. BestWest Roofing specializes in commercial and residential roofing. Our knowledge of sloped and flat roofs and everything in between means that you don’t need to shop around. We can provide you with a full evaluation and inspection every year so that a maintenance plan can be put in place to avoid unnecessary expenses down the road.

Always Knowledgeable

BestWest Roofing has been in business since 2001. We’ve worked on townhomes, apartments, residential homes, and commercial buildings, providing services to homeowners, property managers, insurance adjusters, and contractors for many years. The services that we have provided include repairs, reroofs, emergency leak repairs, new roofs, maintenance programs, gutters/downspouts, and dry rot issues. The knowledge that we have gained over the years in understanding the specialized needs of our customers is unmatched.