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BestWest is a full-service roofing company, with expert technicians, knowledgeable in a wide range of roof systems. In Vancouver, install commercial and residential flat roof systems, as well as sloped roof systems, using a wide range of quality products. We also inspect and repair all roof systems. Our broad service range makes us your “One-stop Shop.”

BestWest Group specializes in the replacement of commercial flat roofs including warehouses, factories, retail stores, and apartment buildings located in Vancouver. We also install flat roof systems on Vancouver’s residential dwellings. Since Great Vancouver’s climate is very wet, we use only the highest quality, longest lasting, most tried and tested flat roof systems on the market. For this reason, we exclusively use torch-on and other SBS products for our water-proofing applications.

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The City of Vancouver is no doubt our largest service area, and where we have completed the most roofing projects.  The picturesque mountain views surrounding Vancouver provide a daily hit of endorphins. We love them so much; these same mountains are displayed as a central visual theme on our website. The rainy climate creates a busy roofing market, in which we’ve grown prominently into one of Vancouver’s premier roofing companies.

Although we established our business in the city of Richmond in 2001, Vancouver became our largest customer base shortly after that. From UBC to East Van, and Marpole to the West End, we have commercial and residential property owners covered.

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Featured Vancouver Project

BestWest Group replaced the roof of the Dr. Peter Centre in Vancouver. Dependability, reliability, and longevity were top of mind when our client chose us to complete their commercial re-roof project. Enviroshake was chosen for this project because the product aligns with all of the aforementioned qualities. During the project, it was imperative that the clinic remain fully functional and protecting entry ways and other pathways was an important component of our service throughout the project. BestWest Group specializes in commercial re-roof projects, and we offer the best service, quality, and careful approach, all at a reasonable price.