Team Leader (Foreman)

Company Description

Directly supervise and coordinate activities of roofers and their helpers. Perform both supervisory and management functions while also engaging and having knowledge of the same roofing work as the workers supervised. Provide timely and quality installation of all assigned Roofing projects in the field.


  1. Schedule day-to-day operations (i.e. Call in Permit Inspections) / order equipment (i.e. dumpsters, materials).
  2. Conduct hands-on training of new crew members / receipt of training (i.e. Manufacturer, Safety, etc).
  3. Maintain good public relations with customers.
  4. Adhere to and enforce health and safety policies of the company and regulatory authorities.
  5. Track daily man hours worked vs. job budget.
  6. Plan job workload in advance (five days out).
  7. Maintain equipment at jobsite.
  8. Complete and maintain proper daily paperwork (i.e. Timesheets, Delivery Invoices, Safety check-list, Tool-box talks, etc).
  9. Ability to solve unforeseen dilemmas and problems on the jobsite as they occur.

Required Knowledge, Skill and Abilities

  1. Ability to solve unforeseen dilemmas and problems on the jobsite as they occur.
  2. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  3. Fluent in the English language.
  4. Excellent problem-solving abilities.
  5. Ability to work in inclement weather conditions.
  6. Considerable knowledge of work hazards and safety precautions.
  7. Proficient with computer applications and mobile smart devices.
  8. Good mathematical, reading and time management skills.
  9. Be able to read blueprints.
  10. Ability to work at heights on a flat or sloped roof.


  1. Minimum 5+ years roofing experience.
  2. Valid driver’s license.
  3. Own truck and roofing tools.
  4. Trained in fall protection and safety planning
  5. Lift up to >22kg (>50 lbs).