General Labourer

Company Description

Work as part of a team, and carry out a range of a tasks in an efficient and focused manner.


  1. Assist in tear-off of old roof systems
  2. Unloading, lifting and moving building materials around job site, typically onto a roof with a ladder
  3. Maintain a clean and safe work site at all times
  4. Remove debris and rubble from work area
  5. Maintain a safe and non-hazardous and accident free work site.
  6. Meet and maintain strict health and safety standards
  7. Learning new roofing techniques and systems and be able to assist with installations
  8. Other duties as assigned

Required Knowledge, Skill and Abilities

  1. Some knowledge of roofing construction and various roofing system applications
  2. Ability to foresee possible safety concerns and deal with them as needed
  3. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  4. Able to take direction with excellent listening skills
  5. Fluent in the English language
  6. Ability to meet deadlines
  7. Problem solving abilities
  8. Ability to work in inclement weather conditions
  9. Considerable knowledge of work hazards and safety precautions
  10. Ability to follow oral and written instructions


  1. Lift up to >22kg (>50 lbs).
  2. Valid driver’s license preferred.
  3. Own vehicle is an asset.
  4. Some construction experience preferred.
  5. Some roofing experience preferred but not necessary.
  6. Ability to work at heights on a flat or sloped roof.
  7. Trained in fall protection and safety planning an asset.