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Enviroshake® is a Canadian company that manufactures high quality roofing products that provide a practical, durable alternative to traditional cedar shake and asphalt shingles. Enviroshake’s® synthetic shakes are designed to replicate the rustic look of cedar shake, while providing protection and durability that surpass any cedar or asphalt product on the market.

Just how durable is Enviroshake®? Well its manufacturers offer up a 50 Year Non-Prorated Warranty, the most impressive in the industry. What this means is that Enviroshake® will not crack, rot, warp, flake, peel, or become compromised in any way for 50 years. If it does, then the product is defective and will be replaced by the manufacturer. No treatment is needed and it’s maintenance free once installed. In comparison, the average cedar roof has a warranty period of 20 years and requires regular maintenance, repairs and cleaning.

Enviroshake® is manufactured from recycled industrial plastics, rubber elastomers and cellulosic fibres. Its physical properties make it superior to cedar in terms of UV protection, weather resistance, mould and moss resistance, and insect resistance. Installation of Enviroshake® is much more efficient than cedar and creates much less waste. No unnecessary resources are used in the manufacturing of Enviroshake® and it’s made from 95% recycled materials. So, even though it’s not as ‘natural’ as traditional cedar shakes, its environmental impact is much smaller.

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Warantee Information

•    Limited 50-Year Warranty (Non-Prorated)
•    Made from 95% recycled materials
•    100% Recyclable

Additional Product Information

Manufacturer:   Enviroshake
Product Type:   Polymer Composite
Lifespan:   Limited Warranty

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