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Cedar Roofs

Below is a sampling of our favourite products. Please note that other products offered by BestWest Roofing may not be listed online.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar shakes and shingles once dominated the roofing market. The natural look of cedar adds character to a home, and many customers fall in love with its warm, rustic appearance. Unfortunately, the life span of a cedar roof is relatively short compared to its alternatives, especially with the availability of high quality old growth cedar on the decline.

Cedar, being a natural product, is more prone to deterioration than any other roofing product. Over time, cedar shakes will rot and split. Split shakes can cause a number of problems for homeowners, not the least of which is leaking. Moss and algae buildup is also a concern when choosing a cedar roof. Nothing spoils the look of a beautiful home quite like a fuzzy green roof.

An increasingly popular alternative to traditional cedar shakes are synthetic cedar shakes like Enviroshake® and DaVinci Shake. Both are high quality roofing products manufactured from composite materials that provide a practical, durable alternative to traditional cedar shake. Both products are also designed to replicate the warm, rustic look of cedar shake, while providing superior protection and durability. Despite all of its drawbacks, cedar remains a popular choice for homeowners unable to resist the natural look. Few home projects can turn out as beautiful as a newly installed cedar roof. For this reason, cedar will always have a place in the roofing industry.

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Cedar Shakes

Cedar shake installation completed by BestWest Roofing