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Purchasing a new roof is a substantial investment of not only money, but trust in the company you choose. A good reputation in this industry is derived from quality workmanship, and client satisfaction, all at a competitive price. These factors then translate to value, which is the essence of what BestWest Roofing is all about.

Keeping our customers happy is our number one priority which is why we recognize the importance of great service right from the beginning. We start with a comprehensive evaluation of your roof then present you with the most detailed quotation in the business, including information and pricing on several products.

Set with the idea of utmost quality in mind we have developed a system for consistently achieving desirable results. From our professional installation to our diligent protection of your property, you can rest assured BestWest Roofing is the right choice for your roofing project.

BestWest Roofing Inc.

The BestWest Story

The story of BestWest Roofing began on a rainy December evening in Richmond, BC. Run-off from yards and roads were quickly filling roadside ditches, giving Richmond the unpleasant nickname of ‘Ditchmond’. Inside her home, just off Steveston Hwy, Mrs. Evans noticed a yellow water stain on her ceiling and watched as rain dripped through it and onto her carpet. The evening was getting late and Mrs. Evans wasn’t sure that her roof could hold up with such terrible weather outside. Even worse, the weather forecast had predicted heavy rain for several days in a row, so she decided to seek some professional help.

Unable to find her Yellow Pages directory, she flipped through the classifieds of the Richmond Review and decided to give BestWest Roofing a call. It was late and Mrs. Evans was unsure if anyone would be able to help her. Luckily, a BestWest employee took her call and assured her that he’d be right over.

By the time he’d arrived, the water stain was beginning to bubble and spread. It was time to act fast. Climbing up onto the roof with a flashlight, he got to work. Within 20 minutes he returned soaking wet to tell Mrs. Evans that he had fixed the problem. Sure enough, the dripping stopped and peace was restored to Mrs. Evans’ home.

Mrs. Evans was so thrilled with the prompt service that she requested a written quotation for a complete roof replacement. Impressed with the service and courtesy she had received, and not wanting to experience another leak, she indeed hired BestWest Roofing to replace the entire roof. The new roof was completed quickly and with great care, making Mrs. Evans’ roof the first job that BestWest Roofing completed as a company.

Brock Maglio - Owner and founder of BestWest Roofing Inc